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The Edgebrook Real Estate Market in 2017

Wednesday, March 22, 6:30 PM • Edgebrook Branch Library, 5331 W Devon, Community Room

mar22 The Edgebrook Community Association welcomes an outstanding panel of Edgebrook real estate experts for the ECA’s first General Meeting in 2017.

Jan Kupiec (Baird & Warner), Ron Haddad (Key Mortgage Services) and real estate attorney Tom Moran will help you ready your home for sale or help you purchase your dream home.

Jan Kupiec, a top realtor in the Edgebrook area (as well as dynamic ECA Board member and President of Everyday Edgebrook), will offer advice on preparing your home for sale and pricing it right for the current market. She will hand out a checklist for buyers and sellers that will help you negotiate a successful purchase or sale.

Ron Haddad, SVP of Residential Mortgage Lending, will cover the preapproval process as well as offer suggestions on financial guidelines. He’ll discuss program options available for low downpayment mortgages and downpayment assistance programs in the favorable mortgage market.

Tom Moran will demystify the closing procedure, inspection concerns, and the appraisal process.

Whether you are ready to sell your home, are eager to find a home in Edgebrook, or are just curious about the current state of the market, you will gather practical tips and have your questions answered at the ECA’s March 22 General Meeting.

This meeting, like all ECA functions which are brought to you by dues-paying members, is open to the general public.

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November 2016 Newsletter

The ECA’s November 2016 Newsletter appeared in the November 19 issue of the Nadig Reporter. You can also read it here.

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