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Congratulations to the NECA on its 75th Anniversary

The North Edgebrook Civic Association celebrated 75 years, Saturday, July 23! The party was held on the portion of Wildwood Park on McAlpin that forms an island. Music was provided by neighbors. The locally provided BBQ was rated outstanding!

It’s great to be building community in our shared, greater Edgebrook community. We are better together!

Pictured above are Jim Hankin, Kathy Rodden, Mary Cuny, and Erick Robertson (NECA Officers and Board Members) and Tom Kraft, Jan Kupiec and Jac Charlier (ECA Board Members and Officers).

The ECA’s July 4th Parade, Picnic & Concert Was a Success!

4th of July

We could not have done it without our wonderful volunteers. Thank you for helping us build community.

And don’t forget to check here for a list of our Sponsors.

July 4th Parade Photos


View Christine Rosenberg’s Parade Photos.

Tile donated by the ECA to Wildwood IB School

The ECA Helps Wildwood IB Rebuild Their Music & Sports Programs

When the ECA speaks about building community, we don’t just mean lending a hand with the snow plowing. We recently helped Wildwood IB School by purchasing an engraved paving brick. ECA Board Member Michelle Brugioni was the liaison with the school and came up with the encouraging slogan etched in the brick.

ECA members have long supported local schools because the only way to build community is brick by brick.

Board Members Mary Biesty, Michelle Brugioni, and Chad Weiden focus on school issues.


Nothing to do?
Visit the library.

The ECA supports our Library

Take a look at what’s being offered at the Edgebrook Branch Library. In addition to books, movies, music, and reference materials, our library has a wealth of interesting, educational, and fun programming.

Take a look.

June 2016 Newsletter

The ECA’s June 2016 Newsletter appeared in the June 25 issue of the Nadig Reporter. You can also read it here.

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Other News

Snow Plowing Service provided by the ECA

  • The ECA provides a limited (but very important) service when there is more than 4 inches of snowfall. Click here for more information.
  • The ECA provides snow plow service to this area, excluding the major city streets. Click on the map.
  • Snow Plowing HOTLINE (773) 775-4065

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