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Hey, batter, batter!



ECA members sponsored The Brewers, a 2nd Year T-ball team, to encourage teamwork, to foster sporstmanship, and to have fun.

Led by Coach Krupp our team is earnest, have their eyes on the ball (mostly), and are learning the basics of baseball and group play.


The ECA celebrated their sponsorship by hosting the end of the game snacks on June 24. Members of the Brewers and the Giants enjoyed cotton candy, watermelon, and caramel corn.

That's Edgbebrook!

2017 July 4th Poster Contest Results

Take a gander at this year’s artists!

Edgebrook Community Calendar

Was there a meeting you meant to attend? Are you looking for something to do in the neighborhood. Explore what’s happening in Edgebrook.


Nothing to do?
Visit the library.

The ECA supports our Library

Take a look at what’s being offered at the Edgebrook Branch Library. In addition to books, movies, music, and reference materials, our library has a wealth of interesting, educational, and fun programming.

Take a look.

June 2017 Newsletter

The ECA’s June 2017 Newsletter appeared in the June 17 issue of the Nadig Reporter. You can also read it here.

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Other News

Snow Plowing Service provided by the ECA

  • The ECA provides a limited (but very important) service when there is more than 4 inches of snowfall. Click here for more information.
  • The ECA provides snow plow service to this area, excluding the major city streets. Click on the map.
  • Snow Plowing HOTLINE (224) 724-1353

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Edgebrook: a Neighborhood on the Northwest Side of Chicago, Illinois  60646 Established in 1940, the Edgebrook Community Association encourages Community Spirit; seeks the Maintenance, improvement of and Access to, all Public Property and Services in the Community; and is Concerned with Interests in General of the Property Owners, Residents and Commerce in the Community.