Emergency & Disaster Planning

General Meeting Highlights

Several representatives from the Office of Emergency Management and Communications presented an overview about how a resident can be prepared in the event of an emergency.

The focus was on how to report an emergency to the 911 operator. It is vital if you are calling from a cell phone to provide an exact location to the operator. Present technology can only provide a general area where the cell call is originating from, as opposed to a landline that provides an exact address. The presenter also encouraged residents to call 911 whenever you need police response, even after the crime has already occurred, or if they are suspicious of any activity. “See Something, Say Something!”

Please visit the OEMC website to learn more about emergency preparedness.

Emergency Kits

OEMC representatives encouraged families to create an emergency kit and to carry emergency contact cards with them. Download the forms below and be prepared in case of an emergency.