About the ECA

ECA Board members and Volunteers work throughout the year to maintain the quality of our community.

Special Events
• 4th of July Parade and Picnic
• Holiday Party with the REAL Santa
• Easter Egg Hunt
• Spookiest House Contest

Community Services
• Landscaping and Beautification of Public Areas
• Snowplowing of side streets
• Community Development
• Building & Zoning
• Police & Fire Department
• Public Safety and Transportation
• Forest Preserve District and Park District
• Schools

Internal Activities
• Finance
• Legal Affairs
• Newsletter
• Membership
• Publicity

The activities of the ECA requires a budget of roughly $35,000 per year, and the primary source of funds is membership dues. The ECA budgets a minimum of $4000 per year for snowplowing, to keep side streets clear and open for emergency vehicles. The Landscaping and Beautification budget is over $10,000 for maintaining the triangle at Devon, Lehigh and Caldwell, and the Metra Corridor along Lehigh from Central to Algonquin. (Did you know that the City of Chicago and METRA do NOT contribute any money for the maintenance of these areas? It is all up to the ECA.)

If you are already a member of the ECA, thank you! If not, join today. Annual dues are per household and a great value for the services and special events received in return.

As an ECA member, you will help support the organization that is working for the good of YOUR community. You will receive all issues of the ECA Newsletter, which is filled with important information on issues that affect the quality of the Edgebrook Community, as well as information on ECA projects and family events.

Show your community spirit … join the ECA today!