Garden Corner

The ECA has completed work at the Ginny Mose Triangle funded by a grant from Greencorps Chicago. A Greencorps work crew, under the direction of  Edde Jones, removed grass and prepared the soil for the placement of  plants and bulbs in November, 2012.   Photos here. Many native plants were selected to increase bird and butterfly habitat. Plants selection and placement were supervised by Petra M. Blix and MaryJo Garnier.

Next year we will have regularly scheduled gardening days.  We hope to see YOU there.  More information to follow.

Keeping Edgebrook clean and beautiful is important to everyone in the neighborhood, from homeowners on our tree-lined streets to shopkeepers in our bustling business district. Beginning with that magical moment when the first flower blooms to the final snowflake of winter (which last year fell on our annual Easter Egg Hunt!), Edgebrook always has the look of a well cared for community. Your ECA aims to keep it that way.

For our members, keeping Edgebrook looking its best is a concern. For the Garden Club, it sometimes borders on an obsession. The Devon-Caldwell-Lehigh Triangle and the train-station corridor are funded by ECA dues, without any financial support from the City of Chicago or METRA.

When you see someone weeding in one of our public spaces, chances are it’s an ECA volunteer. We can always use help from anyone who wants to pitch in. And if you’ve got a green thumb, even better! Contact us at:

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What’s Growing in Edgebrook? Gardening photos will be added every month. Send us a photo!

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