Edgebrook Community Association
Membership Frequently Asked Questions & Comments

We live in Chicago. Don’t our taxes pay for snow plowing? Why does the ECA need to spend time and money on snow plowing?

The City of Chicago’s primary concern is keeping the major traffic arteries clear, and plowing of the side streets is a much lower priority for the Department of Streets and Sanitation. The ECA, on the other hand, is mainly concerned about emergency vehicle access to our side streets. The ECA is also concerned about the ability of people in our community to get out of the neighborhood and off to work in a timely fashion. The service contracted by the ECA usually plows the side streets within 24 hours. Whereas the City will plow “from curb to curb,” the ECA plowing service only plows a single path down the middle of the street. The goal is not complete snow removal, but rather creating access for emergency vehicles, as well as egress for the parked cars so that the people of Edgebrook can go about their business. The ECA provides snow plow service to this area, excluding the major city streets.

How about a crosswalk and/or a stop sign at Devon & LeMai? What can done to get a stop light at Central & Morse? The entrance to Edgebrook Towers needs better lighting.

Comments such as these are sent to the ECA’s Community Development Directors. The Community Development Directors then contact the appropriate Alderman or agency. The Community Directors work with the Alderman to address these concerns.

Why does the ECA put “Current Edgebrook Resident” on its mailings when we’ve lived here for more than 10 years?

People move all the time, and if the ECA doesn’t put “or Current Resident” in the address, the mail is returned and not delivered. Since the ECA is paying for first class postage, the ECA wants to make sure that the mailings reach every household in Edgebrook.