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One thousand, seven hundred and eighty-five trees from Foster Avenue to Golf Road will be cut down. An October 5, 2011 contract approved by the Cook County Forest Preserve District (CCFPD) allows for the removal of these trees because they may become a hazard if they are infected with the Emerald Ash Borer. However, not all of the trees are infected. Not all of the trees are Ash (other species include Black Cherry, Hawthorn, Linden and Elm). The ECA is very concerned that no funds have been allocated to replant trees in the picnic groves.

The Edgebrook Community Association sent the following letter to Cook County Board President Preckwinkle expressing our concern about the loss of healthy trees and our request for immediate stoppage of the cutting until this issue and all options to save trees can be reviewed with the community.

Dear President Preckwinkle -

The Edgebrook Community Association (ECA), a 75 year old community organization which represents 600 households centered roughly at Devon & Central Avenues in the NW corner of Chicago, has become aware of the scheduled pre-emptive removal of thousands of ash trees (and other species) in the North Branch region of the Cook County Forest Preserve District (Contract #11-31-108 The removal of seventeen-hundred and eighty five (1785) trees not requiring stumping and ninety (90) trees to prune or top in Region 4, North Branch Division and Chicago).

Of the 1785 trees to be removed, 174 trees marked for removal are in the Bunker Hill Picnic Grove (entrance Caldwell and N. Tonty, Chicago, IL).

The Edgebrook Community Association has discussed this issue, and the ECA Board of Directors has taken a firm stand against this project. The ECA feels that this project will have a marked negative impact on the character of our community, the Bunker Hill picnic area and the surrounding environs.  The Edgebrook Community Association asks that this project be stopped immediately, pending further discussion by the Cook County Forest Preserve District with the ECA and other local community organizations.

Jeff Manuel

The ECA believes that healthy trees do not need to be removed. We feel that dead or diseased trees must be replaced by newly planted healthy trees, especially in the picnic groves. There are other options besides cutting down all ash trees that may be more cost effective like approaches taken by Chicago and Evanston.
If you feel strongly that our trees improve our neighborhood, we encourage you to contact President Toni Preckwinkle at  312-603-6400 and ask that the CCFPD to stop cutting down healthy trees.

Contact us to take action on this critical issue to our neighborhood.