The Prez sez …

‘Twas Christmas in Edgebrook, a calm little town,
Not many were out, they just weren’t around,
Most were ensconced by the tree or a platter
Of holiday victuals, not much was the matter.
All the construction was done at the station,
Train shelters now snug with the heat installation.
It seemed that the day would end shrouded in snow,
Things quieting down, with nowhere to go.
But just then a sleigh was seen up in the skies -
A Santa-type thing, filled with eight little guys
Who said, “We are the elves who, ( we’ll keep it snappy),
Remind all Edgebrookians why to be happy!
You have those beautiful homes in the shade
Of stately old trees.  And that goofy parade.
The garden walk sure was a brand new addition.
And the holiday party revived a tradition.
Summer was one of the best we remember -
70 even one day in December.
Churches and schools are rebuilt one-by one,
And construction down side streets seems to be done.
You’re a bunch of nice folks in a very nice spot
Where it’s rarely too cold and rarely too hot. “

And then, with a jingle, away they did go.
If they went somewhere else I can’t say that I know,
But I heard at the end, this last information.
“Happy Holidays to all, and
Support your Edgebrook Community Association”.

Have a great Holiday Season and New Year !
Jeffery Manuel, ECA President
December 2012