Butterfly Garden

by MaryJo Garnier

Create a Butterfly garden in your yard!
We here in Edgebrook live near the forest and have a great opportunity to create a habitat for butterflies in our back yard or anywhere a bit of thought has been given to our fluttery friends. Chicago has about 60 different types of butterfly from the Admirals (Viceroy) and the Emperors to the Milkweed (Monarch), and Swallowtails. To welcome them into your garden, choose a sunny location.  Grow host plants for caterpillars to eat and nectar plants for butterflies to sip. Keep the setting natural and plant a diverse array of plants in large bunches. If you feed birds, put feeding station and bird bath on the opposite side of the house. Provide evergreens for shelter from wind and rain and a wood pile for over wintering. Butterflies are sensitive to pesticides and will not land if pesticides have been used. An integrated approach allows for a well organized and harmonious way to achieve long term pest management.