Forest Preserves

click here for larger image The adjacent Cook County Forest Preserves are an important part of what gives Edgebrook its unique character (click on the picture for a larger image) and enhances our property values.

The ECA is committed to working with the Forest Preserve District of Cook County to assure responsible management of this priceless and delicate resource.  Since the mid-1990′s, the ECA has maintained a position opposed to burning (insert link to photo ??) and the widespread removal of  native trees in the Forest Preserve District in the name of ecological restoration. More recently, the ECA has opposed the removal of HEALTHY native ash trees in an effort to stop the spread of the Emerald Ash Borer beetle.  

Through the efforts of ECA Board Member Petra M. Blix, Ph.D., the CCFPD has recently replanted trees and understory shrubs in the Forest Preserve adjacent to Old Edgebrook following removal of ill-fated ash trees.  link to photo.