Aldermanic Forum 2019

Follow-up Questions

We are encouraged when so many energetic, committed and capable candidates are willing to tackle the serious issues facing the City and to represent our various communities. We would like to thank the candidates for participating in the ECA's Aldermanic Forum on January 26, 2019.

We will post the candidates' responses to these follow-up questions as we receive them.

  1. In 2014 the Chicago Tribune reported that the average resurfacing cost for residential streets is $400,000 per mile. Can City resources other than an alderman's menu budget be tapped to maintain neighborhood streets? Can the cost of resurfacing be decreased?

  2. Would you initiate a campaign to move the Edgebrook train station north so no standing trains block Devon Ave?

  3. Would you support bringing back the City’s Department of Environment?

  4. In parts of Edgebrook, rain and melting snow often result in flooded streets. Standing water attracts mosquitoes and rodents. Can funds be secured for sewers and curbs to protect the health of our community?

  5. WEC Energy (the parent of Peoples Gas) is involved in a controversial pipe-replacement project that imposes a monthly surcharge on all Chicagoan’s gas bills. Would you support Alderman Cardenas’ resolution to get answers on soaring heating bills and get the resolution out of the City Council’s Rules Committee where it was sent to die?

  6. How will you tackle the issue of airplane noise?

  7. As an Alderman you not only represent a Ward, but the City as a whole. What is your priority for moving our city forward?

  8. What can an alderman do to improve public safety by slowing down speeders in our neighborhood?

  9. How can Chicago improve its 9% recycling rate which is the worst percentage among the nation’s larger cities?

  10. What is the role of City Council in addressing congested elevated trains and grid-locked roads? What improvements can be made to Chicago’s transportation system and how do we get started on making improvements?

  11. Do you support a “Robin Hood Tax” on transactions at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange to raise funds for schools or to apply to the pension deficit?

  12. Where do we begin in solving the problem of lead in our water?

  13. Is downtown Edgebrook healthy and successful? If you don't think it is, what can be done to invigorate it?

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