The 2019 ECA Board

photo of ECA 2019 board of directors

The ECA Board photographed on February 11, 2019.

front row, left to right: Jeff Singer, Nancy Williams, Jeff Manuel, Mary Biesty

middle row: Susan Zelner, Jan Kupiec

back row: Craig Caimi, Beverly Padratzik, Tom Misiewicz, Dennis Henley, Nora Shea, Kevin Haran, Ewa Ryan, Christine Rosenberg, Justin Ochonicki, Jennifer Herren, Tom Kraft/p>

Not pictured: Jennifer Carlson, Michelle Christensen, Caryn Meyers, Lidia Pomaville, Jerome Witte

ECA 2019 Officers and Directors



Jeff Manuel
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Vice President

Nancy Williams
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Mary Biesty
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Jeffrey Singer
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Committees & Directors


Jennifer Carlson
Caryn Meyers
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Community Development/Zoning

Christine Rosenberg
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Community Development – 39th Ward

Jennifer Herren
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Community Development – 41st Ward

Ewa Ryan (Swiencinska)
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Forest Preserves & Parks

Craig Calmi
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Fourth of July

Michelle Christensen
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Nora Shea
Jerome Witte
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Dennis E Henley
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Police & Fire

Kevin Haran
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Jan Kupiec
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Lidia Pomaville
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Beverly Padratzik
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Snow Plowing

Kevin Haran
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Social Media

Justin Ochonicki
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Special Events

Tom Kraft
Tom Misiewicz
Susan Zelner
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Meet the Board

From time to time, we will publish the stories of the ECA's Board.

Meet Christine Rosenberg, Board Member and gifted photographer.